2015/01/03 – Walk in the forest with my dog

This morning I took my new “jager rucksack”, Cold Steel Trailhawk, DIY knife, and my dog for a walk in the forest.
I parked the car, let the dog out, and off we went.

Close to the path I noticed a young birch that had fallen over, most likely in the big storms we had lately.
Since I needed some wood for making a new spoon, I put my trailhawk to work.
For chopping this size wood the trailhawk is very fast to use.

The dog was waiting impatiently for me, cause there where still so many tree’s to sniff and mark.. 🙂

I came across 2 small burls on birch tree’s, but I left them since I recently found a big one that I took home.


After a 2 hour walk, and coming close to the car again, I noticed some tracks of a big car or truck going through the forest.
I followed it a bit, and it went from 1 marked path to another. To make this path, it had run over some small tree’s as well, mostly all birch or pine.

There was still a lot of space in my backpack, so I put the trailhawk back to use.
on the left a future spoon, the 2 middle ones future hatchet handles, and the right one a new handle for my trailhawk.
I still have the original handle on it, with the varnish layer, which I really don’t like.

Backpack loaded, ready to go.

Me and the dog.

I followed the new “path” made by the truck since it was going in the direction of where I parked my car.
And again we came across a run over small birch. It would be a shame not to use the wood, so I chopped 4 pieces of each around 150 cm long, and took it with me on the shoulder back to the car.
The dog sniffed some animal under the roots of that birch and did a deep inspection, but without results.