Forging a Skrama clone

For a long time I wanted to have a skrama, but the handle material is what always stopped me from buying it.
So last week I decided to forge one from an old rasp.
The rasp was 7mm thick so with lots of hammering I got it down to an average of 5mm.
Also I wanted to shape it as much as possible with forging, and use the angle grinder as less as possible.
This worked out quite good.
My knife jig for making bevels didn’t work for this shape of knife, so I had to make the bevels free handed.
That was new to me, but after a couple of passes I got the hang of it and it turned out quite good.
For the handle I used a piece of ash from an axe handle, have it a light burn, and oiled it up.
I like the shape, the rough look, and the new things I learned while making this one.
Tastes like more 🙂