2015/01/21 – Leather carrying case for my axe and bucksaw

Some time ago I made a carrying case for the axe and bucksaw, being inspired on the Ray Mears version of it.
I just had it not upside down, and added 3 pouches on it.

It was nice, works well, but after a while I preferred something more sturdy, stronger, and preferable from leather.
I did a lot of searching on Youtube and google, but couldn’t find anyone who made something like this already.
So after lots of thinking on how it should look like and how it should work, I decided on the design, and started working.

The original made some time ago.

It contains the axe, diy bucksaw, diy steak cooker, and containers, ferrorod, dc4 sharpening stone.

I bought in a shop this piece of left over leather, which should be just enough for my project.

High tech level design 🙂

Cut on size, + the materials for the wetforming mall for the main case.

Cut on size, + the materials for the wetforming mall for the 2 pouches.

Soaking it for 15 minutes in hand warm water.

Pouches in place on the mall and wetformed in place.

Main case in place on the mall and wetformed in place.

After drying it looked like this. The left over piece of leather will cover the main case, and on top of that the pouches will be situated.

Edges cut properly straight.

First putting all the snaps in place, and then glewing it with leather glue in place. After 15 minutes drilling holes and double stitching it. After 24 hours it is rocksolid.
Then same thing with the leather cover, glewing and sewing it on the main case.

The bigger left over pieces I will keep for something later one. From the smaller pieces I cut pieces of 2×3 cm, enough for a future leather stacked knife handle. Not any time soon though.

Attaching 2 ropes, so it can be warm over the shoulder, or like a backpack.

Close up.


In the 2 contains is the following.
Right contain has 3 kinds of tinder, birch bark, pine resin, and man made fireplace starters.
Left container has a dc4 sharpening stone, ferro rod, opinel no.6, small container with salt, pepper, and water purification tablets, and 5 meters of very strong 2 mm rope.