Forging a neck knife with antler handle

Many years ago I made my first neck knife, from a piece of coil spring for trucks.
That’s the top one in the picture below.
The shape was perfect and was very comfortable in the hand, except that it was very heavy.
No wonder with a spine thickness of 8mm

Beginning 2014 I made a new neck knife, which was a small copy of the bigger knife which I made at the same time, and still use till this day.
That’s the middle one in the picture.
I never used it much as it was not that comfortable as the previous one, and the sheath was not holding it well.

Today I made a new neck knife, that lays better in the hand, is much less weight, and looks even good in my opinion 🙂
I forged it from an old file, and for the handle a piece of antler.
Below is the video of how I made it.
Now I have to make a sheath for it, but didn’t decide if I will use kydex or leather.

All 3 neck knives together, the top one is 123 gram, second 75 gram, and last one 47 gram.

Here you can see the thickness of the spines

This new one is 47 gram, handle length of 9 cm, and a blade length of 6 cm, and thickness of 3.5mm.


The making of: