Billy can additions for baking bread or steaming vegetables

The modifications work fine, which I showed in this topic.
But inspired by people who bake bread in their billy cans, and to have the possibility to steam vegetables or fish, I bought some ikea ‘steamer insert’, made out of stainless steel.


First I removed all the ‘scales’, simply using pliers, and pushing then when they are half opened, in an upwards motion.

Next up, the handle thingy in the middle, which seems to have been spot welded to the bottom plate.

But those welds are not that strong and with some horizontal wiggling, they come very quickly loose.

Since I have a 12 cm diameter billy can, this thing does not fit, it is around 14 cm in diameter.
So I cut of the outer edge with some metal scissors.

The some sanding to make the edges smooth, and bending the bottom plate straight again.

A perfect fit (almost, the cutting was not that easy to maintain a perfect circle)

So here is my complete set.

Under the lid, the original insert with the pot holder and a small spoon.
I still need to find a good use for that insert… So far I use it to give water to my dog.

Below that is the newly added steamer insert.

Below that my stainless steel cup with folding handles, and in the cup some spices and water purification tablets.

All laid out.

And here a test result, bread with dried berries, made on the fire / coals.