2015/12/07 – Billy can modifications

Since a couple of months I own a zebra billy can. During the last couple of hikes I have been using it, and made some modifications to make it work better for me.
Here they are:

Complete set.

The metal square holder was removed, and replaced with a 2 mm thick steel cable. Also I added to the lid a stainless steel D ring to make the removal or adding of the lid easier.


The steel cable holds in place with the help of a speaker connector.

First I drilled 2 holes of 3.5 mm, since the D ring is 3 mm.
The flat part of the stainless steel D ring I cut off, leaving a little bit of the corner there, so it hold in place. With a lot manipulating, bending, etc, i got it in place.
Now the lid can be very easily removed or added with a stick.

The standard pan inside is still a part of the set, but not sure if I want to keep it. So far I never used it, other then holding the contents in place.

Contents are a fire steel, a shortened pot holder (it was 1 cm too long to fit inside, so I cut it of), small box with tinder materials, a steel sponge, and a bag with salt, pepper, tea, and water purification tablets.

Further I added a 0.5 L stainless steel cup with folding handles, and a cut of spork.

I never use the fork part, so that was removed long time ago. Soon I will carve a wooden spoon to fit inside this setup.

That’s it.