201/12/06 – Weekend in the woods

The plan for this trip was to relax a bit, do some fishing, and perhaps try some trapping.
We arrived on Friday night in the dark, made a fire, and had dinner.

The weather did not cooperate much, and during most of the saturday we had slight rain.
My 2 friends tried out some trapping and where mostly gone from the camp.
I decided not to do any trapping, and just hang around the camp, preparing wood, sharpening my carving set, my axe and knife.
Also tried to make some birch oil, which failed.
Need to test that some more.

Fishing was not possible, as the lake we had in ind for it, was physically empty. No water anymore.
Looks like google maps needs an update on this area 🙂

During the following night we had constant rain till lunch time on Sunday.
Of course that was the moment we headed out back to the car.

So in the end, it was just a lazy weekend out, with great meat and hanging around the fire.