2014/01/11 – Three canvas bags for my hiking gear

Hi, after being inspired by the canvas bag for the axe and buck saw, by ray mears, I made my own version of it from an old Czech army tarp, which I have for many years now, but during the last few years never got used anymore.
While working on it, I decided also to make a bag for my fishing kit, and for my woodcarving knife set…
It was a good test for the new sewing machine I got some time ago.

Here is the czech army tarp, or as they call it in Czech “celta”, and some velcro, some webbing, and plastic cinch buckles

Everything cut out, and put together.

The three bags with their content.

Everything inside.


Back. On all 3 are loops at the top so you can hang it from something.
With the 2 on the right are also loops at the bottom so you can use a rope and carry it over your shoulder.

A short video clip with some more details.