2009/04/21 – 3 day hike with 3 ladies

Three friends from Holland came for a week to visit me, and one the plans we made was a long hike. This was their first hike ever. Here we are packing all our stuff for the hike.

By bus we went to our destination.

And after a a refreshment in a local village, it was time to start hiking.

This is not a snake, but some family of the lizard.

We had lunch at an old ruin of a farm stead, partially carved out of rock.

Time to continue.

Apparently this was some strong hold long time ago, carved out of the rock.

Then we arrived at another strong hold, where we would sleep over.

Next day we continued direction a bigger ruin.

Small break.

Then we continued, and stopped for lunch.

Time to continue to our next sleeping place.

Which was another very old strong hold carved out of rock.

Next day, time to continue.

We arrived at this renovated castle with a museum inside. While the ladies took a tour, I stayed outside, enjoying a nice cold beer, while waiting with the backpacks.

Sanne was able to find some fresh meat source 🙂

Time to continue.

Fresh water from the mountain.

Those are the twin ruins we where heading for.

Closer and closer…

But they where closed… That was quite disappointing..

So time to go back home. We had to wait a while at the bus stop  so the ladies to the change to catch some sun.