19 km hike in Divoka Sarka

Together with 2 friends we set out for a hike in Divoka Sarka, which is part of the Prague district.
It has a very old history where a famous Czech legend took place: click

The plan was a 17 km hike, but during the walk adjustments where made.
Half way the hike there was a chance to have a nice cold beer as well, so full with renewed energy we continue the hike.
In the end we walked a bit over 19 km.

For this hike I had 3 goals planned.
– test my new lightweight frameless backpack
– test new clothing
– see if my foot has recovered fully from heel spur.

The new backpack is from www.liteway.equipement and is called the “gramless”.
It weighs 390 gramm, frameless, made from X-Pac VX07 material and has 35l volume in total.
A full review will be made later after some more usage.
During the 19 km hike, I loaded the backpack with everything for a 3 day, 2 nights weekend hike.
The backpack was comfortable to use, the shoulder straps didn’t dig into the shoulders, and I didn’t miss the frame not being there.
So far so good.

Clothing, I tested a new small lightweight windstopper/rain jacket, which does not breath as all and has no venting holes.
It’s great for windy and short rainy moments like during this hike, but not for longer use or hard terrain as you start sweating quickly.
And as well I tried out some merino wool underwear, which was very comfortable.

Heel spur, I started heaving issue’s with that since my hike in Sumava (see this blog), and ever since after some hike it was painfull the next days.
After November it started to be continuously painful, so based on doctors advise I went for shockwave therapy.
This didn’t help, and after that I started in February with some “rontgen” treatment. Not sure what the correct name for this is, but it is 6 treatments of 1 minute long radiation on the place where the heel spur is.
Doc said I should be ok in April and then slowly start hiking again.
But since I really feel it’s getting better already, I decided for this hike now already and see how it goes. I used jelly half inlay soles in my shoes for this hike.
And proudly I can say it went without problems. At the moment of typing this (29th) still no pain in the foot, so I call this a big success 🙂

Enough writing / reading, here are the pics: