Carving a kuksa from spalted birch

Whenever I’m in the forest to walk my dog or for a day hike, and I see a nice piece of a blown over tree or dead fall,
I have the tendency to take it home.
This habit already provided me with many nice pieces of birch and other wood sorts.

For the kuksa I planned to use birch, so I cut this piece of the log, and to my pleasant surprise it was spalted already.
Using the bandsaw I made a nice rectangular piece from it.

Next step is all with hand tools.

When all done, I was doubting of coloring the oil or not. (with foodgrade coloring stuff)
This because using just oil like natural boiled linseed oil (food save), or tung oil or kitchen cutting plank oil, it always makes the wood yellowish, and for some reason I was looking for something else.
I made from the bandsaw leftovers some test pieces.
Left with red, middle natural, and right green.
I chose to go with red.
Also with the kolrossing technique I put the letter B in the handle.

It didn’t turn out they way I hoped it would be, and the next day I decided to send it all off as much as possible, and just go with the plain old standard look.
I wasn’t able to get the red color away from the bottom of the kuksa, but that’s fine.
A small reminder of this test is no problem.