2014/11/09 – Building a sawbuck

Winter is coming, and I have lots of wood to cut and chop again 🙂 Previously i always cut all the wood to size on the ground, which is far from ideal.
At the hardware shops around here (3 different ones) to check on a sawbuck, they had mainly wooden and metal ones.
The metal ones where from sheet metal but looked sturdy, and pricey. The wooden ones where very fragile from thin pieces of wood, and only half the price.
So I checked the loose components, and found that with using much thicker wood and slightly better design (more wood), the costs where similar like the cheap wooden sawbuck. That’s what I decided to do, make my own.

Components, 3x 2 meter almost square pieces of wood for the legs, and 3x rectangular 2 meter pieces of wood for the side bars for stability, and some nuts and bolts and washers. The screws I already had so I didn’t need to buy them.

Cutting the wood into half, leaving me with pieces of 1 meter long.

Drilled the holes for the bolts, and tapered them a bit to get the edges smooth.

All bolted together. Bolt, washer, wood, 2 washers, wood, washer, nut.

Now cutting the side bars in half as well, so each piece 1 meter long.

And screwed it all together, first a small hole with the 3mm wood drill bit, and then the screws in.

Added rope on both sides at the bottom to limit the distance it opens.

Small test with my new (second hand) Husqvarna 372 XP (5.2 HP), all good 🙂

The wood sits firmly in and the sawbuck is very stable, which made me happy since I never built one of these things before.

Easy to fold away and store somewhere.

Next day, a layer of wood penetration stuff, no idea what it is called, to protect the wood, since it will be outside stored.