Snowy walk, making tea, trying out equipment

It was time to go to the forest again for a nice day walk with ym dog.
I have some new equipment I wanted to try out, perfect chance to do it now.
– Mora Garberg
– New firesteel, thick and long one
– Silky Gomboy 240, medium teeth
– T&P Vildmarksbyxa TP-X pants.

For the pants, I bought them according to their sizing table on their website (itab outdoor).
According to that, I should have size 46, although with fjallraven i have size 48.
When the pants arrive, there was no way I could fit in them, so I returned them, asking for a bigger size.
I asked for size 48 now, and according to their sizing tables, it should be in the waste 4 cm too big now.
Reality is different, I received it, and now only 6 cm is missing in the waste to get it closed.
Since I don’t want to spend more money on shipping costs, I will make some adjustments myself so it will fit.
So if you buy them, either you need to be very skinny, or good with a sewing machine.