Fixing my fjallraven ‘karl pro’ pants

Normally I wear always in the outdoors some old army pants. Not cause the look cool or army stylish, but because they are very robust, and do not seem to get damaged.
But after all these great stories about fjallraven pants, where people have them for 15 years and still going strong, I decided to buy some at the local sport shop which had a big discount sale.
With 60% discount, you can’t go wrong right ?

Well, it seems these “karl pro” pants are not that great in durability.
They do have a great fit though.

After the first use, I climbed over a fallen tree with a limp sticking up, and scrachted the backside of my pants.
On the second use, my knife barely touched it but it was still enough to get a nice hole in the front.
And on the third use, I walked to some are which had a lot of low to the ground bushes with thorns.
Back home I noticed 2 holes at the bottom of my pants.

Time to fix it.
Since this model pants comes with too long leg parts, I cut of 12 cm of each side, and made a new seam at the bottom.

Then with a wide zig-zag stitch I closed the holes in the pants.


And on the front, I used one of those left over pieces from the legs, to make patches, and sew them over the holes.

After asking around, it seems more people with this ‘karl pro’ version have the same issue’s that they get damaged quickly.
Well, my pants are usable again, I will try to be more careful, but no more fjallraven for me.
Once these are gone, I will go back to plain old army pants.