2015/03/11 – Melting and filtering pine resin

During the last few weeks on every day hike and dog walk I collected pine resin to purify it on a later date.
Now I collected enough, and decided to go for it.
The plan was to melt it in the old big pan, filter it with the filter, and pour it into the plastic bottle of which I would cut the top off.

1/3 of the bag in the pan, with the heat source to half way set.

Keep stirring it.

And stirring it..

Here it reached the point where I could filter it without clogging up the filter too much.

Took out the larger debris with sticks, and the finer debris with the filter. Poured with a spoon the resin into the bottle which was in the second pan with water so the plastic bottle would not deform too much.
This didn’t really work well, and switched to pouring it into an old can.

After the whole bag was processed.
The debris which I will use for starting the fireplace or outdoor fires.

Cooling it down.

The results.