2014/07/19 – Switzerland hike: Prättigauer Höhenweg

For this trip my friend Bart who is also a Dutch guy but living in Switzerland, joined me and my dog Buddy.

We did the “Prättigauer Höhenweg”, which is a 72 km hike. Usually people who do the hike stay over in cabins or pensions along the route, but we stayed in our hammocks and every now and then bought some additional food supplies, and we walked it starting at the back, and finished at the official start point.

Half way the hike w encountered a long lasting fog and almost constant rain. The rain poncho’s helped but after a while you get soaked anyway. Close to the end, we got attacked by cows with baby cows, as they saw our dog as a threat. The route goes through many fields with cows in them.
This left me with a broken finger, a confused dog, and Bart his waste belt from the backpack broke. From that moment also no pictures where made.
All in all, a great hike, and definitely more will follow in Switzerland, but without dog.

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