2012/09/15 – Weekend hike & fishing with Mirek

A weekend out, 2 nights, mainly doing some fishing and spend time in nature, together with Mirek.

At home I prepared some pork steak for on the fire.

By the time we arrived at the location, it was already dark, so we setup our hammocks, gathered some wood, and made a fire for our dinner.

I have the tendency to wake up very early, usually as soon as daylight appears.
That gives me a lot of time to do things, while others still enjoy their sleep.

And here an overview of our camp for that night.
On the left is the camp fire, the white tarp from tyvek is Mireks setup, and the green tarp is my setup.

Once we packed everything and removed our traces, we headed downhill to the river to start fishing.

Mirek had the first catch with his hobo style of fishing.

Here are some pictures of  the river where we were fishing.

Mirek busy with fishing the hobo style.

And me having a zip of water while fishing the regular style.

Next catch was mine, good size we kept for dinner. Very soon after another one of similar size that we also kept.

Close to our camp Mirek found these huge edible mushrooms, that we took.
Some of them we took home, and some of them we cut up in slices and dried them over the fire so we would have “fish with chips” 🙂

While I prepared the fire, Mirek cleaned the fish and prepared them for the fire.

From this moment my camera went bad, and everything turned purple..

For more details of the trip, here is the video.