Knife skills

A member of the Dutch Bushcraft forum issued a challenge for knife skills.
The purpose is to accomplish 10 different tasks with only 1 knife.
With this 1 knife, you have to do all tasks.

The knife I chose is the one I made myself. You can see the whole build here.
Below it is the one on the right.

I completed all issued tasks, with the main purpose to make whatever it is, work. I did not go for fine finishing touches, just simple rough but working results.

01 – Carving a try stick
A simple carving stick, to show you can make different kind of cuts.

02 – Carving a toy
I chose to make a pipe, like we used to do when we were kids.

03 – Carving a pot holder
There are different pot holder setups possible. I chose to make the one I never tried before, a dove tail connection.

04 – Making a hammer
Additional items used where natural cordage, and pine pitch

05 – Making a mug
Additional items used where natural cordage, and pine pitch
This one was really interesting to do, i will do it once again some other day, with also my carving knife etc, to make a really nice finished mug.

06 – Making plastic cordage
Just in case you ever need some additional strong cordage, this is a way to do it. And plastic bottles, sadly enough you find them everywhere these days.

07 – Making a walking stick with wood spirit
For this exercise i had low hopes, since my knife is quite largeand 5 mm thick. But it went extremely well, and I am very pleased with the results.

08 – Making a bow drill
Not a bow drill fire, but a real drill was the task. First I tried a pump drill, this didn’t work though. Then I took it literally, and made a bow drill.
We where allowed to use a normal drill bit, or some piece of glass / stone as drill bit.

09 – Making a candle holder
Simple easy fast candle holder that can stand or hang, from a beer can.

10a – One stick fire
Make a fire fro using only 1 stick, by processing it down to starting material, finer pieces and bigger pieces, and start it with a ferro rod.

10b – Making a tea spoon
Make a small tea spoon